We once heard jerky defined as:

“....having some resistance while remaining chewy. It should have some moistness but not too dry. There should be a beef flavor, but also a sweetness from citrus/orange, brown sugar, cooked sugar. Basic taste should lean toward salty, sweet, sour. Beef Jerky should appear red in color. And the appearance may include visible fat (but less marbling is better) with a light grey color. Show powder/dust, have shine, and may appear visibly moist...”

At Thanks Danks we couldn't disagree more. 


Since we believe that you should know where your food comes from, we went back to the basics by removing all the excess 'fluff'. All our ingredients that are sourced directly, so we know where they come from.  You can have more confidence in eating a product with real, organic ingredients  that you can pronounce and probably have in your pantry.


While other brands list water as one of their first ingredients, you won’t find that at Thanks Danks. Nor will you find any type of artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives, additives or sugar of any kind that would weigh down the product. When asked why, our response was: “When preparing a high quality piece of beef, would you pour sugar on top of it before eating?" 


We pride ourselves in creating exceptional, craft beef jerky. To make the best product, you have to start with the best beef, which is why we use high-quality, organic, USDA Choice beef. Everything about our process, from our top-notch ingredients, to how we slice and marinade our beef, to the marbling and unique texture, is what makes Thanks Danks stand out amongst the rest. 

"We value our customers and choose to believe they deserve the best of the best when it comes to healthy snacking." - Garret 

With Thanks Danks you’re getting a truly unique product that is unlike anything else on the market. What sets Thanks Danks apart is the lack of extras and affiliates. Our goal is to make sure you’re getting the best product and most beef for your buck.